Terms & Conditions

British Assignment Writing offers its extensive services of academic writing to students across the UK. We request our customers to carefully read all the stated terms and conditions of the company prior to placing an order with us. However, if you have placed an order with us, it is assumed by us that you have carefully read and understood the terms and conditions of the company and how it operates. We would hereby like to explain that terms “we” and “our” is used specifically for British Assignment Writing, nevertheless, if in any context they are used otherwise, it will be clarified.

Copyright / Trademark:


British Assignment Writing is the sole owner of all content including images, logos, written text, designs and graphics displayed on the website. The software and the programming along with other content are under the intellectual property rights of the company. The trademark and logo used on the website of British Assignment Writing solely belong to the owner of the company. We hereby state that these cannot be used by any other business entity and anyone sabotaging it, under no circumstances will be tolerated.

Contact Information:

British Assignment Writing is available to communicate with its valued customers on all forums, including fax, telephones, e-mail, query forms, and live chat. Our customer support representatives are available round-the-clock to facilitate our customers and visitors with their queries and concerns.

Payment Method:

It is to bring under your consideration that all payments of the orders placed with British Assignment Writing are to be cleared at the time the order is placed. Any delay in payment from the customer’s end will cause a delay in the deliverance of our services. Moreover, all payments are to be made through PayPal or through a direct deposit into our account. For bank details, you can contact our customer support representatives.

Customers’ Private Information:

Every customer while placing an order with British Assignment Writing should provide updated and accurate information so that the customised order can be delivered appropriately. Our customers are our most valuable asset and the information they share is highly valuable for us, hence for that reason, all the information shared is protected under the Data Protection Act and Companies Act. However, British Assignment Writing holds complete rights to share the information under jurisprudence, or under any law claims.

Limitation of Liability:

British Assignment Writing hereby states that under no circumstances will the company be responsible for the visitors and customers loss or damage due to misuse and use of services available at the website or by the website itself.

Customer Account Credentials:

Every customer of British Assignment Writing is responsible for their own accounts. However, for individuals who are receiving a username and password for the first time, should immediately change them, so that the account can be made secure.

Website Alteration Policy:

British Assignment Writing holds complete rights of changing, modifying and amending the content of the website, logo or information, without any prior information or consent of the customer. However, as and when changes are made, they will be made live on the website, for the customer to view.

Cancellation policy:

  • If an order with a deadline of 48 hours is cancelled after 24 hours of placement, then the company will hold back 50% of the amount as service charges.
  • Order(s) placed on the deadline of 8 hours to 24 hours will not be liable for any refund.
  • Cancellation amount will be reimbursed after 25 to 30 business days from the time of cancellation.
  • Not all orders will be entitled to 100% refund.
  • For the dissertation, no cancellation after 72 hours of order placement will be entertained.

Revision Policy

British Assignment Writing only strives for making its customer satisfied. We are well aware of the fact that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. Hence, we always look to make our customers satisfied with our products and services. The revision policy is as follows:

  • Customers at the time of placing their order with British Assignment Writing are expected to agree to the terms and conditions of the establishment.
  • At the time of placing an order, the customer is responsible for providing all instructions, guidelines, and requirements, in order to receive an order, which is executed successfully. As British Assignment Writing will not be responsible for any discrepancy in the order provided from our end if the original guidelines provided to us were not complete or incorrect.
  • British Assignment Writing offers unlimited revisions for only those orders, of which original guidelines and requirements are not met.
  • During revision sessions, no additional guidelines or requirements will be entertained, which previously were not made part of the order.
  • Any additional guidelines presented and any extra word count deemed by the customer will be charged separately depending on the nature of work, urgency and paper length.
  • A customer can request a revision within 15 days from the time the order is delivered for a word count of around 250 to 5000 words. However, after the expiry of 15 days, every revision deemed by the customer will be charged separately.
  • A customer can request a revision within 30 days of the delivery of an order for a word count of more than 5000 words. However, after the expiry of 30 days, every revision deemed by the customer will be charged separately.
  • An order placed by the customer with the deadline of 24 hours, will receive their revision in 8-12 hours from the time of requesting the revision.
  • An order placed by the customer with the deadline of 48 hours, will receive their revision in 24 hours from the time of requesting the revision.
  • For an order of 5000-9750 words requires at least 3 days of revision time.
  • For an order of 10,000 words and more requires at least 5-7 days of revision time.
  • No revisions will be entertained on Sundays and public holidays.

Refund Policy

At British Assignment Writing, we have one, very simple and basic policy that we follow at all costs. Our policy refers to ensuring that no client visiting us for academic writing help should go away feeling that they have been cheated in any way. It is for this reason that we even offer our customers 100% money refund offers.

There are some conditions, however, that students need to meet to be able to apply and be eligible to receive any refunds from us. For this reason, we encourage all students visiting our site to take a moment and read through the following refund policies before placing an order with us. Please understand that placing an order means that you have read and understood all our policies and agree to the same.

  • Not every customer is eligible to receive a 100% money back refund.
  • Unless the student in question receives a failing grade or discovers the work is more than 30% plagiarised, the company reserves the right to withhold half the payment as service charges.
  • Refund processes will only be initiated after a client shows sufficient, authentic proof to British Assignment Writing.
  • Clients may apply for refunds within 30 days after receiving the work. Beyond this time, no refund offers will be entertained.
  • All refund requests will undergo detailed investigations. This process could take up to 30 days.
  • For any refund requested order, that has also received requests for revisions, the company will deduct revision charges from the amount that is refunded to the client.
  • The decisions taken by the company are absolute and not subject to further arguments.
  • No refunds will be provided for an order with a 48 hours deadline.
  • No refunds will be provided for a dissertation order placed with a delivery deadline of ten days and less.

Privacy Policy

British Assignment Writing is a company based in the UK, which offers academic services to students across UK so they can excel in their academia. We have our own privacy policy for ensuring the protection and security of all the information of our customers, which they share with us. However, our policy is under constant change, just to make our security and protection stronger day by day.

Information Accumulation:

British Assignment Writing shall request their customers to present their personal information, which is solely for the purpose of updating our database. Moreover, your credentials like username, email id and password will be deemed upon every login to the website.

Information Privacy:

We strongly abide by the Data Protection Act, which ensures that all information of our valued customers is protected and is not shared anywhere under any circumstances, unless if requested by a law agency.

Your Visit Information:

Upon each visit to our website, the IP address of the customer is identified, which is merely to offer the customer with customised services as per their location.

Information Regarding Products and Services:

British Assignment Writing offers a vast array of products and services to our valued customers. We fundamentally believe in the idea of one roof solutions, thus our team is qualified to deal with any specialised study domain. For details regarding our products and services, you can contact us through email, fax, phone calls, use our query form or get through us through our customer support representatives. Moreover, promotional offers and seasonal discounts are communicated to our valued customers through e-mail, phone call, SMS or any medium chosen by the customer for contacting them.

Personal Information Access:

Customers of British Assignment Writing at any point of time can request for their personal information, which is withheld by the company. Customers can make a request by sending an email, stating the Legal Department in the subject. However, prior to delivering personal information, we hold complete rights to confirm the identity of the customer by asking them a secret question.


British Assignment Writing is a professional academic writing facility that assists students. Nonetheless, by no means are customers allowed to submit our assistance as their own.