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British Assignment Writing sole motto is to satisfy customers through our premium quality. We value our customers over money. We with our team strive day and night to make our customers satisfied with our products and services. This is how we value our valuable customers. Following are the clauses of our refund policy:

  • British Assignment Writing assumes that prior to placing the order, customers have understood and comprehended all terms and conditions. As and when an order is placed with us, we will assume that you have agreed to all the stated terms and conditions on the website.
  • Every order is not entitled to 100% refund claim.
  • British Assignment Writing at times of refund claim will withhold 50% off the amount from the total payment as services charges.
  • Only if plagiarism is detected in the work delivered by our team or a student receives a failing grade, a claim of refund will be processed. However, 100% claim will be only processed upon showing verification from a credible source.
  • A refund can be claimed by the customers only within 30 days from the time the order is delivered.
  • Customers who have availed our revision service is only liable for partial refunds. However, NO REFUND can be claimed by the customers who have not availed any of our revision services.
  • NO REFUND will be processed for the order with the deadline of 48 hours and less.
  • NO REFUND will be processed for the dissertation placed with deadline of 10 days and less.

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For more information regarding our services you can email us at , or simply give us a bell on . For further queries regarding your order you can use the live chat feature available on our website or fill out a submission query form.


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