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We at British Assignment Writing understand that you need to have some questions clarified before you hire any of our services advertised on the website. However, we suggest you scroll down to see if your question has already been answered below, otherwise feel free to Contact Us with any other queries you might have.

A) Our team is made up of professional writers who are skilled at producing premium quality assignments. They belong to various fields including, but not limited to Law, Medicine, Linguistics, Nursing, Finance and Business Administration. All of our writers are qualified from some of the most prestigious and reputable institutes of UK. They are therefore able to cater any topic from any subject and we guarantee that the work will be 100% original and customised and will satisfy all your requirements.
A) Here is one of the best parts about working with British Assignment Writing; not one of the students who have worked with us has ever complained about our service being expensive. Since our native, English speaking team is also made up of graduates and degree holders from reputable institutes of UK, we realise that there is only a certain amount that most students can spare from their earnings and so it is difficult from them to bear any major, additional expenses. For this reason, we offer some of the most feasible prices.
A) British Assignment Writing considers on-time delivery to be one of their greatest strengths, and we pride ourselves on meeting all the deadlines that any of our clients place with us. However, we are not going to ask you to just believe in our promises. We would infinitely prefer to show you how punctual we can be with our assignment submissions. Any non-compliance on our parts regarding the deadlines that a customer has given us for an assignment submission, is an open breach of our code of conduct and completely against the standards of operations that we follow religiously.
A) Since British Assignment Writing rigidly adheres to all clauses of the Data Protection Act any personal information that you share with us is guaranteed to never be disclosed to anyone.
A) All payments are made via an online funds transfer system or deposited directly into our bank account. Our customer representatives can share the bank account details with you.
A) The files containing your completed orders are mailed directly to the email address you have provided to us. From here, you may download these files. Notifications that your order has been completed, will also be sent for all work that has been submitted.
A) The entire team at British Assignment Writing works as a unit on all projects. Our Customer Support Representative communicate with you constantly, the writers write the best assignments for you, the editors enhance their work and the legal department ensures that all your rights are always protected.
A) Our stringent rules when it comes to completing and submitting your work, and our assurance that only the best possible work will be delivered to you make us better than all our competitor writing assistance service providers.
A) British Assignment Writing focuses on essay writing help, assignment writing help, all other coursework writing help services as well as dissertation writing help services any other similar academic writing work.
A) All order requirements that you provide us with are duly noted down and communicated to the writers via the Customer Support Representative. However, if you still wish to communicate directly with your writer, why not? Ask your Customer Support Representative to set up a time and talk personally to the writer.
A) We provide lots of discount offers! We are very grateful for all the trust that our customers show us and we reciprocate with discounted rates and packages. The policies for these depend on the length of your order (number of pages).
A) British Assignment Writing offers refunds in certain cases such as; when you score a ‘failing’ grade on the paper delivered by us or the content delivered by our forum contains 30% plagiarism. For detail please visit our refund policy page.

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For more information regarding our services you can email us at , or simply give us a bell on . For further queries regarding your order you can use the live chat feature available on our website or fill out a submission query form.


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