We at British Assignment Writing, are the leading service providers of academic writing help in the country. We never compromise in quality and ensure that all of our customers are always satisfied with our services. Following is a list of frequently asked questions. Take out a little time to read them so that you may understand our services better. In case you have any queries at any time, feel free to contact us.

A) We have a large board of experienced professional writers who have worked in the field of professional academic writing for over a decade. With their experience and knowledge of the subject matter, there is virtually no subject that they cannot write about.
A) Since we are a local firm, operating from within the country, we are well aware of the hardships that students in this country face in terms of finances. With the thought of our customers’ satisfaction in mind, we offer cheap academic writing solutions to all of our clients so that they may prosper in their academia without any difficulties.
A) We are very proud of our service and hold our standards in very high regard. Therefore, in order to maintain our high standard of work, we make it a point to never be late in submitting any project. To further assure customers of this, we even provide 100% money back guarantee on account of late submission.
A) We understand how important it is for our clients to maintain their anonymity and, thus, for their satisfaction; as well as adhering to the clauses of the Data Protect Act; we never disclose any information of our clients to any third party organisation or another person.
A) We accept payments in the form of a direct bank transfer into our bank account or as a wire transfer into the same. To get our banking details please contact our customer representative team.
A) We submit all completed orders by email into each customer’s designated email in the form of a downloadable document attachment. We send notifications of order completion with each order as well.
A) Being the leading brand in the industry, we take great caution in making sure that each order that leaves our office meets all of our standards. To ensure this, each order goes through a very strict quality check run by our esteemed team of proof-readers and editors. These are the unsung heroes behind our success. They make sure that each order is error free and is comprised of the best quality available.
A) What makes our service great is not only the promise of providing the best quality work that you can possibly imagine. We aim to satisfy each and every customer that is why we pride in our privacy and how we maintain all of your private information private. This, along with the fact that we provide a plagiarism report on each order to ensure originality of all of our work, makes us the best service providers in the country.
A) We aid students of all levels in all forms of academic writing. This includes but us not limited to essay writing, course work, assignment writing, research project writing and dissertation writing.
A) Our unique web design allows you to contact the writer designated to complete your order online. Moreover you can even arrange a meeting with the writer. To arrange a meeting talk to our customer representative team now!
A) We offer discounts to all of our customers. Our policy on discounts allows you to avail greater discounts with the more work you get done by us. This means that the longer your paper (number of pages), the more the discount you will be able to avail.

A) It is possible to get refunds in any of the following conditions only:

  • In the case where we are late in submitting the work.
  • In the case where we fail to produce work that is coherent with the initial instructions provided by the client, even after a number of reviews have been done.
  • In the case where the work provided by us lands the client with a failing grade.

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