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Is Asking for Help a sign of weakness or strength?

Society has developed strict rules in regards to determining the characteristics that resonate with strength and characteristics that are considered a sign of weakness. However, lines can easily be blurred when it comes to this decision as not everything in the world has to be black and white.

Usually, diplomacy, decisiveness, and focus are acknowledged as great strengths. These are admirable qualities, but don’t you think that being diplomatic can give the impression that you play it safe? When you play it safe, you basically run by the rules of others instead of striking your niche. Hence, this quality trait can backfire in the long run.

How do you establish strengths and weaknesses?

Who decides what’s good and what isn’t? Instead, all habits, character traits, and abilities should be supported as you never know which curveball life throws at you and when you might have to exhibit them. Hence, it can be established that no trait can be defined as simply a strength or weakness. Everything is entirely dependent on the type of situation you are dealing with.

Is asking for help a weakness?

When you think about it, if there is one strength that has actually earned a bad reputation in the social climate, it is the unbothered ability to ask for help. We have largely observed that people feel shy, hesitant, and embarrassed when they ask for help as if crying for help makes them small. As a consequence, egos are hurt, and insecurities are touched. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Now think about it, if Harry Potter had not acquired assistance from Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, do you think there would be seven books written on it? If the Avengers had not collaborated and helped one another in the final two movies of the installment, do you think they would have beaten Thanos and saved the universe? Hence, if you want your life to be an interesting story, you need to be willing to ask for help. It’s even better as you get to reduce your list of problems. In a world where people look for chances and opportunities to pull someone down, one becomes fearful of the consequences when asking for help. However, asking for help makes you vulnerable.

How did this notion develop?

How can we change this borderline unhealthy perception? Well, it starts with your upbringing and schooling. Do you remember that when you were growing up, your parents got irritated every time you had a question to ask? They pulled you down, and that created a sense of shame within you. Due to this reason, you felt unwelcomed to ask them for help. The same notion perpetuated in your mind when you entered school life. You were encouraged to be independent in the most abusive and unhealthy way possible.

To be independent doesn’t mean that you can’t ask anyone for help. This is a toxic culture that only causes hindrance in learning. It hampers your growth and makes you inadequate. The feelings of inadequacy result in the development of insecurities, and this is an extremely vicious cycle.

How do we combat this stigma?

Well, to implement change, several steps need to be taken simultaneously. People need to find the strength within themselves to ask for help. Easier said than done, right? It doesn’t have to be. You have to start by unlearning what you’ve learnt over the years. To shed off toxic elements that have accumulated in your mindset over the years and to stop the self-inflicted manipulation you have consciously exercised, you need to practice the art of seeking help.

However, don’t simply seek help, but offer it as well. Do you see a foreigner struggling to place an order at the café? Help them. Do you have a friend who regularly curses the existence of mathematics as he fails to comprehend the concepts clearly? Ask them if they want any help from you.

Change will come only when you practice it intrinsically as well as extrinsically. If your teacher is not available to offer you advice on your assignment, get it from the best assignment writing service UK. You don’t have to suffer and struggle and not get any results in the end either. Change is like a domino effect. Hence, when one person starts to question behaviour and implement change, the other person quickly follows.

Thus, it can be established that asking for help is, in fact, a strength. It brings positive change in the world, and that change transpires into your life.

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