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A Healthy Lifestyle For A Healthy Academic Life

Few students today would be willing to be convinced about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Murmuring that they have a lot of homework to complete, they are more likely to go grab a bag of potato chips rather than get up and go make themselves a healthy, more filling sandwich that would not only […]

Time Management For High Productivity

During any academic writing assignment, if there is anything that is of true essence and worth more than anything else that students can come up with, it is time and the proper management of whatever time that a student has at hand to complete the assignment that the teacher may have set them. Consequences Of […]

E-Learning: A Way to Improve Educational Productivity

The fact that so many students as well as educational institutions are considering making a move to the system of imparting knowledge, and education via an online, digital medium, rather than just limit themselves to the physical confines of a classroom show just how much education has evolved over the last decade or so. No […]