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British Assignment Writing is an academic writing service with a difference. Established ten years ago to cater to a growing need amongst students for a quality writing service that could sufficiently meet the needs of their various academic courses. We are now counted amongst one of the best services in the market. The reason for our excellent reputation is because of the ideology we work with: we aim to offer premium services to our customers.

Here Is What Our Founders Had To Say

Our founders were entrepreneurial graduates who, from their own observations throughout their student years at college and university, noticed that the number of non-native students enrolled in colleges and universities across the UK had tripled. That number has increased exponentially over the last few years and continues to rise steadily year after year. Here is what our founders, both in their student years and afterwards, have noticed.

  • More and more foreign students are joining in and becoming a part of the educational system.
  • The number is greater at the college and university level rather than for O-Levels.
  • These students traditionally get very high grades in their own schools or colleges and are eventually able to meet the very high criteria set by educational institutes.
  • Despite having the results that can get them an admission to an educational institute, these students are generally unable to keep up their academic progress at the same standard as before.

Here Is Why This Is So

  • Most of the foreign students who come to the UK to study in one of our excellent educational institutes do not speak English, or if they do speak English it does not meet the very high language standards that are required by these educational institutions.
  • Educational institutions mark students more on their written work rather than on oral work or their level of understanding of any given subject matter.
  • Combine these two reasons and you will see that, because of a language barrier, most foreign students are unable to express themselves with sufficient clarity to be able to achieve a good grade on their academic writing.

Do We Cater To Natives As Well As Non-Natives?

Yes, we do! Here’s why: we have learnt over the years, both from experience as well as from observation that native, English speaking students, despite having no problems understanding the language need as much help as foreign students. Consider it this way; and here comes the question, do you really want to do well in life, not just in your academic career but later on in your career also? Of course, you do! A measure of your academic success does after all depend on how well you have managed to do in your career, what position you have managed to reach, what sort of money you earn and so on.

Then, when you are on a job, what helps you out more, an academic writing you did back in University during your MBA Marketing class or your good understanding of the subject and strong grasp of the concepts involved? The latter, right? But then again, how are you supposed to hold down a student job, finish all your writing assignments, and study to be able to better grasp the concepts of whatever you learn at your institute during classes? Most students at this stage end up having no social life of their own. They give up everything, dating, going out, even having a good time once in a while. At first, it seems as if all the sacrifices are paying off. You do well at studies. But then fatigue sets in. Psychological studies show that everyone needs a break now and then, to ‘recharge’ themselves so that they can work better. As a whole, even if you are a native with an excellent grasp of the English language, you still need time for yourself to relax and unwind.

How We Can Help?

We are an academic writing service that only employees native English speakers as writers. Our writers are skilled at writing premium, custom assignments for students at all levels of education, pre-graduate, graduate or post-graduate, right up to the Ph.D. level. Our team is dedicated to writing 100% original, customised assignments in all fields of education also. Here is how we work:

  • Experienced Writers: Our writers have had lots of experience writing academic papers, and are specialists in their respective fields of study. They are at an advantage compared to others in the field, who are also qualified from reputable educational institutes.
  • Customer Support Staff: They are friendly and cooperative agents who communicate with you and note down all the things you need in your order. They are available round-the-clock for support and guidance regarding any queries.
  • Quality Assurance: Our editors at British Assignment Writing have stringent checking techniques. No mistakes escape these eagle-eyed people who ensure work delivered is error-free and meets deadlines.
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